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The Benefits of Friendship

benefits of friendship

*+-Back in grade school, making new friends seemed so easy. All you needed was a few shared hobbies and values, and maybe a couple laughs on the playground, and an unbreakable bond would be forged. Friendship is no less important later in life; all manner of difficult experiences and awkward changes are easier to bear […]

Coffee Nutrition Facts: 7 Things You Didn’t Know

coffee mug

*+-For years, coffee has been America’s favorite hot beverage, providing bio-fuel for millions of morning commuters. In fact, the average person in the US drank 416 cups of it during 2009, despite frequent warnings from doctors and nutritionists over its caffeine content. Recent studies have shown, however, that coffee is much better for your health […]

Beyond Shyness: When Social Anxiety Threatens to Take Over Your Life

social anxiety - water

*+-Shyness… or social anxiety? Until recently, these terms were used interchangeably. It was thought that most socially awkward people had quirks which could be overcome with individual effort; otherwise, they were just “unfriendly,” with no interest in normal social activity. Today, however, researchers in psychology and neuroscience recognize social anxiety as a disorder which can […]

How to Give a Great Presentation


*+-From college classes to board meetings, you may need to give public presentations dozens of times or more throughout your career. Even if you’re a world-class expert on your topic, you won’t be able to “wing it” – crafting an informative and interesting presentation, and knowing how to present it, takes hard work and careful […]

Spider Bites, Bee Stings, and Other Strange Medicines

poison frog

*+-Strange Medicine: Try Them if You Dare! Mankind will go to incredible lengths for the sake of good health. From acupuncture to aromatherapy, we’ve tried nearly everything to rid us of our everyday aches and pains – and sometimes, we turn to other members of the animal kingdom for help. Scientists and therapists have developed […]

The Worst Fast Food Concoctions of 2012

fast food caveman

*+-Do you remember a few years back, when most people cared at least a little about their health? Fast food chains tried to keep up, adding healthier menu items and substituting fries with salads and apple slices. The gimmick worked – for awhile. But with the recent public paranoia over both the nutritional content and […]

Surprising Facts About Bottled Water

bottled water

*+-Drinking water, which was once viewed as simply a human necessity, has transformed into a very profitable commodity. With a cute advertisement and a colorful label, bottled water companies convince shoppers to purchase something that, in a developed country, can easily be found almost anywhere for free. But bottled water isn’t just a waste of […]

Bilingual: “Smart” in Any Language


*+-Learning a second language can be one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of your life. In addition to improving your vocabulary and verbal skills, it can give you the opportunity to explore different cultures and make friends from across the globe. Likewise, bilingual applicants are often preferred for jobs in law, health care, […]

Are Video Games Bad For You?

DualShock 3

*+-What’s young, angry, and overweight, with low self-esteem and a million experience points? If the media is to be believed, the answer is “gamers.” News reports characterize video games as a youth phenomenon with no redeeming qualities – a distraction from school, work, and regular exercise that promotes violent and antisocial behavior. Certainly, gaming critics […]

4 Reasons You Should Read More Books

Power of reading

*+-Experts agree: Americans are reading less often and for less time than in previous years. Books are being shelved in greater numbers as people look for different diversions – such as literature’s noisier and costlier counterpart, TV. Surveys show that youth between the ages of 15 and 24 spend at least 2 hours of their […]

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